I was born in Paris France and I am half Italian from Fano. I have been drawing since i can remember , and i've never stopped. In the mid 80s i moved to Florida U.S.A., that’s when i discovered hip hop , and was automatically attracted to graffiti, I truly started writing on walls In 1989 and later became a member of FS(flavor savers) crew and BSK ( blessed style kings) crew. Then for whatever reason , in 1998 i stopped Painting walls for a few years, and started messing with 3d in my blackbooks. In 2005 i started painting walls again but in a 3D style of lettering, and later became a member of the XMEN crew and FX crew. In 2000 , i started painting on canvas with acrylics,and brushes,depicting a new twist on b boy characters with a more realistic touch to them, which i include in my murals as well. I also like to paint sneakers a lot , i just like the influence A simple shoe can have. I also include a pigeon in my paintings , it's a small l reminder of Europe for me and a symbol of the streets. It is also depicted in my logo. You can see my murals mostly in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Wynwood and Fano Italy. Thank you for stopping by the site, and for all you support You can also follow me on Instagram and youtube.


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